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Nova is an information technology company providing applications, custom development, and consulting services.  We believe that companies should already be investigating how Smart Devices, Smart Sessions, Web Services can gain them a competitive advantage.

Smart Devices

There is a new wave of technology ready to be implemented on "Smart Devices".
Smart Devices are personal computers, laptops, workstations, phones, handhelds, and tablet PCs that are able to access information in a variety of formats from practically anywhere.

Smart Future

Over the next decade, the appliance most likely to change how you work or play will probably be a smart connected device such as a mobile phone, hand held PC or personal digital assistant (PDA) with a cellular internet connection. Businesses are quickly leveraging the mobile power of these new devices, enabling access to e-mail, desktop files, and enterprise applications while away from the office.  Consumers are participating purchasing goods and services via smart devices using mobile commerce services.

Smart Technologies

In order to leverage the tremendous potential of smart devices, smart technology applications must be provided for use on these devices.  Nova has the expertise to write such applications on the entire range of devices.  learn more

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